Can Friendship Apps Cure Modern-Day Loneliness?

With the present time and running life people hardly get time for communication or hangouts. House chores, multiple jobs, baby care, etc. are some of the common duties that one needs to carry out. This hectic schedule and busy life have forced a person to become stressed and mentally tired. As a result, people end up lonely. A big thanks to technology that has invented applications to kill your loneliness. This article proves that yes friendship apps cure modern-day loneliness.


Previously as in the olden times, there was no internet and people only interacted through physical meetings. There was no concept of virtual meetups. There were no such means where people could stay connected with their loved ones.

Parents whose kids were living in different countries had to remain dis intact with them for months as there was no way they could talk daily or know about their whereabouts. Calling cards were expensive and the time difference made things even worse. Nonetheless ever since social apps came into being things became a lot easier. Believe it or not, but people did say that they feel less lonely and happier than before.

People who are introverted or are shy by nature often don’t have or make friends. They are also bullied for this kind of nature and end up being depressed. Friendship apps can help them pour their heart out and grope less isolated.

Some patients who are bedridden or paralyzed don’t socialize much. Even people become hesitant to talk to them. They don’t even realize that such patients also need friends and family to talk to. In such cases, a friendship app that keeps them busy with online friends is not less than a blessing.

Nowadays a trend of sharing pictures and getting comments in return is very common. It is like a new activity that has occupied the mind of many people especially teenagers and youth. Not all social sites are trustworthy however, friendship chatting apps are reliable enough to share pictures and get comments in return. Good and positive comments activate the reward center in the brain and eventually, a person feels euphoric and less lonely.

There is one thing that has drastically changed is that the people who are mocked or bullied for body-shaming don’t make friends. This often leads to depression and anxiety in them but thanks to friendship apps that have refrained these people from being isolated and make them feel replenished by having friends.

Always remember that the Internet was invented for the ease of mankind and so were the chatting apps. Abuse or misuse of such apps is very unethical. You should choose your friends wisely either online or physically. Good friends are hard to find but when you get them keep them forever.

In these time of COVID where people are void of meetups, you can make friends on reliable platforms as CS-lite and get rid of your loneliness.