How to get noticed in an online group conference?

We all have a small center in our brain that is responsible for emotions and rewards. The same center also controls anger, anxiety, jealousy, and attention. Being human beings we all want to get noticed and be the center of attention in gatherings and meetings. You can do a lot to get noticed in the middle of a conversation but how can you get noticed in front of a bunch of people in a conference call? This guide addresses some of the various and proven tips and tricks to get noticed in an online group conference.


Tip no 1.

Work on attire

Dress adequately depending upon the type of conference call you are about to attend. For example, if you are to attend a business or corporate meeting then wear something elegant. Light make-up would do wonders and would surely catch the eyes of many members!

For male candidates, a good and decent hair-do does it all.


Tip no. 2

Introduce yourself

To get noticed you need the audience to know who you are and what is your motive. Now the trick here is to give brief information about yourself in such a way that the members should wait to hear more from you. If the meeting has a title or topic to discuss then tell the audience why you choose yourself to talk about it. Do this at the beginning of the conference and see how people will crave for you.


Tip no. 3


Ask questions

The key to getting noticed among many is completely under your domain. Keep on asking multiple questions now and then so that the speaker, as well as the audience, will have their selves focused on you. By this, it does not mean that you ask irrelevant questions. Ask something that concerns the topic and clears the doubts of others as well.


Tip no. 4

Narrate a story


Another great idea of seeking attention in a group conference is to share stories or even examples related to the topic. This will engage the audience and will leave them asking more and more from you. This is one of tried and tested tricks which works like magic!


Tip no. 5


Crack jokes

Just like you, everyone gets bored in a group conference either be it corporate or random. The reason being is that the speaker just speaks out himself. All you can do is crack a joke and make everyone laugh at once. Your joke should be decent yet funny and should not in any way mean that you target addressing someone.


Final verdict:

If you are attending or are in a middle of a group conference, give everyone a chance to say. Wanting to be heard and noticed is everyone’s right. Respect every member within the group.